My Favorite Blogging Music

Some nights I don’t feel like blogging. No, most nights I don’t feel like blogging. My mind wanders. I click around the web wandering aimlessly until I get bored or run out of internet.

But I’ve found that the right music can put me in the blogging groove. That’s when the thoughts flow from my mind onto the paper instead of having to harass them out.

Using iTunes I’ve created a playlist that I’m constantly refining. Most times it helps me relax which occasionally leads to writing. Not always, but often. As much as I enjoy listening to classic rock, it does not help me collect my thoughts. I can’t listen to music with lyrics I’ve known since I was 16. My playlist is made up mostly of mellow music. I tried to select a few songs you may not have heard before.

Here are a few of my favorite songs to blog to. I was going to comment on each of them. But like most music, I can’t put into words why each song does what it does. 

She Comes From Somewhere by Chris Botti

Listen at


Edge of the Ocean by Ivy

Listen at or YouTube


When Mac Was Swimming by Innocence Mission

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Old Man on the Moon by Sean Kelly

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Fearless by Pink Floyd

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Woman in Chains by Tears for Fears

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