Last Another Day

The rain was coming down at a pace that didn’t match my wipers: Too much for intermittent but not enough for the slowest setting.

But that didn’t bother me today because having to flip the stalk every few seconds kept me alert during my drive up the mountain.

Once I get out of Redmond I can relax. I make my way through Bellevue before merging onto I90 that takes me up Snoqualmie canyon before jumping on Highway 18. The highway cuts a swath through the hills of Issaquah before dropping into Auburn valley.

The last twenty minutes are the best part of the trip. I zip down hills and around corners through a majestic forest marred only by this two lane highway. Traffic is nearly non-existent, and I suspect a number of enthusiasts choose this route rather than continue down 405 to 167. 

But something didn’t feel right.

My day was filled with interruptions. That’s part of my job, and normally I don’t mind. But today it caught up with me. Finally, near 4 pm I was able to complete the two tasks I had to finish today. Two tasks in eight hours?

I flipped on Last.FM hoping some music would cheer me up before I arrived home, and this is what I heard from the Acid House Kings:

I’ve been heading home
I’ve been going wrong
It’s been this way for so long…

So, come on and be my light
Come on and lead the way
And people speak I hear them saying
You won’t last another day…

Maybe it’s the blah of the new year after the holidays. Or the kids getting back into school after a few weeks off. I should have taken more time off over the holidays because I feel burned out and in need of a vacation. It’s dark when I leave the house. It’s darker when I return home. Feels like life is passing me by.

But this song cheers me up. I’m headed home to my family. I know my dog will be the first to greet me, followed by Kai who will grab my leg and lead me to the kid’s computer where he’ll beg for Dora the Explorer on Netflix.

As much as I appreciate Kim having dinner ready when I arrive home, I was happy to find her resting on the couch with the kids climbing all over her.

I will “last another day”.

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