Comcast Cable Box Update

Last month I wrote about my experience of trying to get my Comcast cable box repaired.

The next day ComcastMark left a comment apologizing for the trouble and promised to reach out to his colleagues to get it fixed.

Over the next couple of weeks, I received four phone calls from various Comcast department heads. Each one apologized for the trouble and promised to help.

One women stated she was calling from Comcast VP Support (or something like that) and that she’d been instructed to fix my problem immediately. She mentioned that she’d read my blog post and felt bad nothing had been done in over a year. But she needed to contact the department who would make the local repair to my box.

Two weeks ago we left on vacation with our cable box in disarray. The zip tie was still still in place. But I’d given up hope that it would be fixed before school starts in a month.

But when we arrived home from vacation last Sunday, I saw this.


A substantial upgrade from this.

Thank you, Comcast!

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