Late Disclaimer

I drove over 2600 miles on our vacation to Utah. Much of that time was spent chatting with Kim, answering the kid’s goofy questions or breaking up arguments.

The iPad turned out to be a hit with Kai, and the ten bucks spent on season two of Scooby Doo was a genius move on my part. Except the kids wanted my iPad instead of Kim’s so I’ll be moving the cartoons over to her iPad before the next trip.

I prefer to drive through the night when my body and mind feel most alive. Reminds me of the first time I drove from Seattle to St. George to see Kim whom I’d only met briefly in Vegas a month or so earlier. I’d flick Oasis CD in the tuner, turn up Champagne Supernova as loud as possible and feel the wind rush through my fingers as I extended my arm through the moon roof.

The song starts with mellow guitar, builds into a frenzy and then settles back down. It was perfect song to keep me awake during the early morning hours. I still love this lyric:

The world’s still spinning around we don’t know why

This latest trip to Utah was just like those cool nights of years past except I was piloting a minivan instead of a German engineered sedan. And I was acting chauffeur for five passengers whose music tastes run wide of Oasis or any other rock band.

I didn’t have many long stretches of time to contemplate, and maybe that’s for the best because I feel as though I’m failing in number of areas. Maybe I’m not failing, but I’m not living up to my own expectations which is all that matters.

At best, I’m coasting through segments of life I should be doing everything I can to slow down, learn from and write down so I don’t forget.

I could list them here for you, but that would not accomplish anything.

But if I’d rather sit at my computer with my headphones on, ignoring my oldest daughter’s pleas to tuck her into bed then something is messed up and it’s not my daughter. I don’t think I could have been any more checked out than I was today.

Or this week. Or longer, but I’ll stop there.

I should have put a disclaimer at the beginning of this post that it would not include anything of significant value to anyone but me.

But maybe, this can be my stake in the ground that tomorrow I will be a more involved father than I was today.

2 thoughts on “Late Disclaimer

  1. We all drift occasionally. Sadly, we don’t realize it till something shakes us out of it.

    I’ve been drifting lately and know it. Glad you’re able to see it in yourself.

    You’re a good father from what I can tell. Not perfect but you care.


    1. Thanks, Todd. It’s just too easy to drift, postpone stuff I shouldn’t and cruise through life. I do notice that kids have a way of providing a much needed wake-up call.


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