Listen Up

When I finished college, I felt like it was my responsibility as a degree carrying punk to share my opinions on everything from politics to why the Clash are better than U2.

I watched Jeopardy and read Time magazine. Man, I was informed!

I don’t know what changed. At some point I began speaking less and listening more. Not balanced by any means, but an improvement.

It’s something I still struggle with. As the new guy at work, I tend to keep my mouth shut at meetings and listen to others. I’ll chime in now and then, but not often. Nobody likes when the new guy shows up with a list of items to change.

I struggle the most around my own family which is odd. Then again, maybe it’s not. A few years back I made a comment that landed with a thud. I wish I could take it back because it’s hurt my relationship with my sisters. Living a couple of states away makes rebuilding the relationship a challenge.

At some point I assume I’ll figure it out.

And if not, there’s always my blog.