“How can you not be romantic about baseball?” – Billy Beane

Moneyball was the best movie I saw this year. I read the Michael Lewis book a few years ago and liked it, but didn’t think much of it. When I heard Brad Pitt was playing the role of A’s general manager, Billy Beane, I shrugged it off and didn’t plan to see the film.

But Ebert gave it a good review and I decided to see it. So glad I did because I really enjoyed the performances from Pitt and Jonah Hill who plays an understated statistic whiz kid who understand that the goal of teams should be to buy  wins instead of players.

Basically, invest your money in players who get on base. It doesn’t matter how. A walk or hit by pitch is as good as a hit.

Not only are the performances good, but the music and cinematography are excellent. We’ve seen the ball sail over the fence for the winning home run dozens of times. You’ll find it in Moneyball as well but it’s done with such a deft touch that it feels authentic.

I highly recommend Moneyball even if you’re not into baseball. In fact, it’s as much about business and mathematics as it is about the game of baseball.

2 thoughts on “Moneyball

  1. We’re waiting to get this movie from Netflix on January 10th. I don’t know what it is about baseball movies, but I love to watch them. And this one does look good. Glad to hear you liked it.


    1. Keli, I’ll have to look for the DVD in January. I didn’t realize it was out that soon. I usually don’t like many baseball shows, but I loved Moneyball. I liked that it wasn’t all about baseball, but did include enough to keep the fans interested. I’m interested to hear how you like it.


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