Biking to Work

After months of saying I would ride my bike to work I finally did it today.

The five miles to work is quite easy as it’s mostly downhill. But getting back up the hill to our home wiped me out. I made it a third of the way before having to walk my bike up the remainder.

I was feeling good about myself until a family with young children passed me on the hill. When a friend pulled up next to me and offered a ride to my home I had sweat streaming down my face. I must have looked pathetic.

But I turned down the ride and continued walking my bike up the hill. Even that provided more exercise than I’ve done in a while. And tonight I don’t feel so bad about having to walk my bike while other bikers and cars passed me by.

It took me nearly 40 minutes to travel five miles. No wonder joggers were passing me.

I dropped nearly 60 lbs. five years ago by changing my diet. I have at least that much to lose today. I know it won’t be easy.

Although my muscles and my butt are sore, I feel energized and excited to do it again.

2 thoughts on “Biking to Work

  1. Way to go Brett. Keep at it and remember the saying, “No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everybody on the couch.”


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