The Hill

Today marks one week since I began riding my bike to work. A light rain nearly changed my mind this morning, but if I can’t ride in the rain in Seattle I might as well give up biking right now.

As I rode off the hill and through town the sweat on my face mixed with the rain drops. I could barely see through my sunglasses, but I kept riding. Twenty minutes later I was at work. My hands and ears were numb and I was shivering. My coworkers think I’m crazy, but cheer me on each day.

Each day the route gets a little easier. More people in cars are honking and waving instead of flipping me off now. Last week someone tossed an open water bottle at me as I was coasting down Lea Hill. But those are the outliers because most everyone who has seen me peddle down the hill or walk my bike up the hill has chimed in with encouragement.

A week ago I made it a third of the way up our hill before I had to get off my bike and walk the remainder. The first couple of days I felt discouraged but told myself I was going to make it up the hill within two weeks.

This evening, in a light rain mixed with sweat, I made it up our hill. If you heard someone cheering the last half mile, that was me.

3 thoughts on “The Hill

  1. Way to go Brett! I’d ride my bike to work but according to Google maps biking directions it’s 23 miles and over a 2 hour ride. I think I’m gonna pass on that one.


    1. I usually go up and down Lea Hill Road because it has a wider bike lane and it’s a bit longer. Sometimes I do down the twisty road, but I don’t feel safe going up it.


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