From the Byrds to the Eagles

I found a link to this BBC documentary about the Los Angeles music scene in the 70’s on the Bob Lefsetz site.  Someone uploaded the entire documentary to YouTube where you’ll find all seven parts.

There are so many parts that made me smile, but I’ll mention just one because it’s in such sharp contrast to how much of the music is made today. Kids with marginal vocal talent and no song writing skills believe they can become superstars if only American Idol will take notice.

Contrast that to what Jackson Browne said, barely out of his teens:

There was a couple of years that I had offers but didn’t feel I was really ready….it was demonstrated to me early that it took a lot of intention to make records…and that one couldn’t just drift into the studio like our legendary heroes did and sit down for $250 and make a masterpiece.  

It’s not difficult to appreciate the greatness of the Beatles music today, but what many overlook are the eight years they spent honing their craft in Germany. Eight years. And these were some of the most talented musicians in our lifetime.

If you love music set aside some time and enjoy every minute.

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