Rocket Surgery Podcast – Episode 1

Chris Stephens and I made our first podcast and discussed the following:

1. Chris wonders why we still need game consoles like the Xbox One.
2. Apple builds the Mac Pro for their fans.
3. Windows 8.1 anticipation or meh.
4. Brett tries to convince Chris his new Brill push power is the real deal.
5. What will kill off Facebook?
6. What sports star would disappoint you the most to hear he/she took PEDs?

4 thoughts on “Rocket Surgery Podcast – Episode 1

  1. I think I like the podcast format better than the blog. I can listen to it while I work and I can look up web pages related to the topic of discussion. For instance, I had not yet looked at the Mac Pro so it prompted me to check it out (impressive). Does Facebook show any signs of decline? They’ve been around for a long time and they have tens of millions of users, it doesn’t seem like that people will be using Google Plus or something else instead of Facebook in just three years unless there is some drastic changes, likely in the way of court rulings that would impact everyone very negatively.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Doug. That’s the first podcast we’ve created and we haven’t posted it elsewhere until we get a few under our belt. Then we’ll see how it goes. I listen to handful of podcast and I can relate to what you say about being able to work or browse or whatever while listening. Maybe we’ll have you on as a guest. 🙂


  2. Great first podcast! Reminded me of the vanpool podcast we always talked about doing when we were vanpooling to Redmond together. I like how you integrate your role as a father into the discussion. You should do that more often than not.


    1. Thanks, Matt! I sure wish we had recorded some of those vanpool discussions with the Benster and Personality Paul.


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