Podcast – Episode 3

We ran into a few technical difficulties this week with Skype so we kept this one shorter than the others. We should have our own site for these next week.

1. Remote Workers – Yahoo vs. 37Signals/Wordpress
2. Fiber: It’s coming to a street near you
3. Jailbreaking iPhones – waste of time?
4. Is boxing dead?
5. Best Grill Ever

Rocket Surgery Podcast – Episode 2

Chris Stephens and I discuss the following topics this week:

1. What are the factors leading to the decline of the PC?
2. What is your preferred RSS reader? Do you read feeds on PC or mobile or both?
3. Does anyone care who takes 3rd place in smartphones?
4. Would you rather watch professional or college sports?

Rocket Surgery Podcast – Episode 1

Chris Stephens and I made our first podcast and discussed the following:

1. Chris wonders why we still need game consoles like the Xbox One.
2. Apple builds the Mac Pro for their fans.
3. Windows 8.1 anticipation or meh.
4. Brett tries to convince Chris his new Brill push power is the real deal.
5. What will kill off Facebook?
6. What sports star would disappoint you the most to hear he/she took PEDs?