Living in a Desert

I felt like I was back in Seattle.

Rain poured down, canceling the Swiss Days parade in which my daughters were supposed to perform. By afternoon, clouds that had emptied themselves on the town were large enough to cover the sun, providing a much needed break from the heat.

I changed into my sweatshirt and watched five epsides of The Middle with my kids. Sometimes the days filled with no plans end up being those I remember most. A week ago we were making our way around a mall in Las Vegas, and I wondered what I was doing living in a desert.

Or more specifically, what am I doing living in Utah, surrounded by people with very different beliefs than mine. Nobody in Seattle really cared what church I belonged to or if I attended church. When lived on Capitol Hill, I met a few people who had started their own church. Anything goes in Seattle.

Utah is a lot more homogenous. But the kids are thriving here. They have made many friends and are doing well in school. There’s no way I could pull them out of school now just because I’d like to live elsewhere. Maybe down the road, but not now.

Although I have no doubts about my decision, I’m learning to be less combative and angry with those who now feel I’m a lost soul. I’m learning to be thankful and celebrate those friendships that didn’t change when my beliefs did.

This past week a relative reached out to me. She said she supported my decision and called me courageous. She doesn’t realize how much those few words mean to me. Maybe she will now.

4 thoughts on “Living in a Desert

  1. Oh dang. I just wrote a good response and I think it disappeared. Oh well, to paraphrase I said, “Stay. There’s a lot who love you and a lot who have to learn to look past differences and see what we all have in common. People both in and out of churches are struggling with judging others when differences are okay. Our family is glad your family, including you, are here and so are a lot of others.” I think that’s what I said. 😜


    1. You make me laugh that you reply, lose it, and then I get the Cliff Notes version. πŸ™‚ I don’t see us going anywhere for a while. We love the Santa Clara and Ivins area too much to leave. Having family close by has been wonderful too.


  2. Brett , glad you have decided to stick around…I hope sometime to meet you and your family.I actually knew you when you were a little kid and I was working for your dad at the pool. Your parents have stopped by and visited me at our store (Dutchmans Market) they are some of my favorite people. I will tell you I struggled when I first moved to Santa Clara 28 years ago. It was an even smaller town and less diverse (if you can imagine that) than it is now. Over the years I have grown to love this little place and would have a hard time leaving. This does not mean that I agree with everything people say and think here but they have performed many acts of service for our family without hesitation andI have learned so much from so many. I have enjoyed reading your blog and your posts it is so nice to hear another perspective and hope you will keep them coming!


    1. Hi Liisa, I’ve been to Dutchmans a number of times for cookies, but I must miss you each time. I like the smaller town as well and enjoy not having to plan my schedule around traffic. And Vegas is close if we need to get to the big city. I hope to meet you sometime as well.


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