Pardon the Interruption

How would you feel if, while watching a TV or movie, an advertisement popped up and covered the action for a few seconds?

The equivalent is happening on a number of popular websites, and I find the practice distracting.

Tonight I was reading an article at Tech Radar when I accidentally moved my cursor over a word that triggered a pop up ad for Bing which covered the content I was reading. And the advertisement box didn’t disappear until I clicked the tiny “X” button in the upper right corner.

The ads were for Microsoft Bing by a company called Vibrant. They are so annoying that I’m hereby boycotting any product whose company decides to shove these ads down my throat. These Bing ads aren’t helpful either. If I need more information about a term, I know my way around Google. Maybe I would have considered Bing but not anymore.

There are no less than six ads already on the page, and yet they still decide to sprinkle pop ups throughout the content?

I’m not sure what Tech Radar is thinking, but I can tell you they are not thinking about their readers. MSNBC is known for running the same type of ads. They know that many people will accidentally trigger these ads as they scroll down the page. .

How many ads are enough for one page?


Vick the Dog Killer

A lot has been said about Vick and his illegal and disgusting dog fighting activities. I’d like to see Vick released naked into a cage with a dozen angry pit bulls. Vick is a creep and I can only hope the NFL bans him for life. I know they won’t though because he’s a big star. They might ban him for a year for his own safely but they will assume fans are stupid and will forget. We won’t.

If I’m a kid with a Vick jersey, I’d burn it immediately. This is the guy that threw a dog against the wall until it was dead because it didn’t perform well in a fight.

I can’t watch the news shows as they discuss the issue because they eventually show video of dog fights and it makes me sick to my stomach.

Do the right thing, NFL.

Update on July 23, 2007 – The NFL tells Vick to stay out of pre-season camp. A good start but if he’s found guilty, he should get a lifetime ban.


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