I Can See Clearly Now

Although I’ve worn glasses for many years I’ve seldom liked them enough to wear outside the house much. Most of the time I wear contacts.

But this week I bought these black Raybans, and I like them so much I just might wear them to work tomorrow.


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  1. those are cool…aren’t you glad there is such a thing as “geek chic” now? too bad yours don’t have rhinestones like my new ones! http://www.alldesignerglasses.com/Catalog/ID102450.html

  2. Nice. I too like the simple square frames. Double appt with your daughter?

  3. I didn’t know you wore glasses Shae! Those are really cute.

    Jeff, it was a triple appointment, because I had to go too! Yep, we dragged all four kids and took over the place for 90 minutes.

  4. Brett, is that *gasp* gray hair that I see on you?! You must be forty, like me!

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