Anyone Around To Take My Money?

Have you gone into a store and found what you came for, but when you were ready to pay, couldn’t find anyone to take your money? That’s what happened to me this evening when I visited the Land’s End store inside of Sears. As I stood at the counter with my hands full of back to school clothing, I noticed two Sears employees: one was folding sweaters while the other organized shoes. Both  noticed me but kept on folding and organizing. After a few minutes the employee organizing shoes told me to look for help at customer service.

Do you want my money or not?

As much as we like the quality and guarantee of Land’s End clothing, the poor customer service is the last thing I will remember about my visit. Is that fair? Probably not but that’s how I feel. I shouldn’t have to spend much energy or time looking for someone to pay. Maybe we should use the Lands’s End website next time although we like our kids to try on clothing given how fast they are growing.

We left Sears and walked to the Nordstrom wing of the mall. I pushed our stroller through the cosmetic department full of women sporting white jackets and impeccable skin. I’m always a bit uncomfortable wandering into this area in a Stepford Wives sort of way. As we made our way through hundred dollar wrinkle cream, my kids decided to touch every display case, box and perfume bottle. We eventually made our way to the Clinique counter.

It would be easy to ignore a guy herding three kids through the store who appears punch drunk on way too many overlapping scents. I don’t look like I’m on the verge of dropping Franklins on exotic cosmetics I can’t pronounce.

But I wasn’t ignored.

Before I could bring the stroller to a stop, a friendly woman approached me and asked if she could help. I told her I wanted a large bottle of liquid facial soap which she grabbed and rung up in less time than I spent waiting for someone to help me at Sears.

I left Nordstrom feeling like they value my business and my time.

I also smelled really good!

3 thoughts on “Anyone Around To Take My Money?

  1. Sears/Land’s End: exactly why I shop online. Stores don’t stock “tall”, they don’t have selection, they don’t give customer service.
    Online shopping is growing my default. Same can be true online, but it’s not a problem, I can just go to a different store!


  2. My mall (South Coast Plaza) has the same situation. Love the prices at Sears. Usually buy my Levi’s there. But customer service sucks. Nordstroms, the land of 200 dollar jeans had associates almost stalking you. At least your not out seeking someone to help let alone pay for something…


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